Toshiba PVL-725RT Ultrasound Probe

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Toshiba PVL-725RT Ultrasound Probe Description

At, you can buy a Toshiba PVL-725RT probe for a great price. This probe is designed for rectal applications and is compatible with the Toshiba SSH-140A and Toshiba SSA-270A ultrasound machines. Contact us today for a no obligation Toshiba PVL-725RT price quote. offers not only the lowest prices on pre-owned Toshiba ultrasound probes and transducers, but we also provide world-class customer service, a variety of shipping options and a range of financing choices. Even if you are just researching ultrasound probe prices, we would be happy to provide pricing information on the Toshiba PVL-725RT probe with no obligation at all. Just call us toll-free or use the quick quote form below.

Toshiba PVL-725RT Ultrasound Probe Features

    Toshiba PVL-725RT Ultrasound Probe Applications

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