GE Volusan S6 Ultrasound Equipment

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GE Volusan S6 Ultrasound Equipment Description

The GE Voluson S6 ultrasound system is the most affordable of the new Voluson S Series models for OB/GYN uses. Considered to be a midrange 4D OB/GYN ultrasound system, the Volusan S6 shares some transducers with the Volusan-i portable system. Designed as the replacement for the Volusan 730 Pro, the Volusan S6 is much more compact and lightweight than previous Volusan consoles. This makes it easy to transport the system from room to room without rebooting.

Built with several automated features, the Volusan S6 delivers incredible power and performance in a small design. Not only is the system more compact and easier to move than the Volusan 730, but its also faster and offers a feature-rich 4D imaging experience with a user friendly design.

GE Volusan S6 Ultrasound Equipment Features

  • 2D Imaging
  • 3D/4D Imaging
  • HD-Flow
  • CrossXBeamCRI
  • Dual view mode
  • Wireless connectivity
  • SRI (Speckle Reduction Imaging)
  • Volume Contrast Imaging
  • SonoNT (Sonography-based Nuchal Translucency)
  • SonoAVC (Sonography-based Automated Volume Count)
  • SonoVCAD (Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display)
  • STIC (Spatio-Temporal Imaging Correlation)
  • 19” flat screen high resolution LCD monitor

Console Design

  • 4 Active Probe Ports
  • Handles in front and rear
  • DICOM capable

User Interface

Operator Keyboard & Monitor

  • Fully adjustable, 19-inch LCD
  • Fully backlit, standard size keyboard

Standard Operating Modes

  • 2 D B-Mode
  • M-Mode
  •  3D/4D Volume Mode:
    • 4D Real time and 3D Static


  • Wide Band Linear Array
  • Wide Band Convex
  • Wide Band Micro Convex
  • 4D Volume Probes
    • Convex Array
    • Micro-Convex Array


  • Endocavity 4-10 MHz
  • Linear Array 4-12 MHz
  • Curved Array 2-8 MHz

GE Volusan S6 Ultrasound Equipment Applications

  • OB-GYN

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