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The Siemens ACUSON NX2 is an affordable, multi-purpose ultrasound machine designed for Cardiac, Fetal, Abdominal (including liver), Pediatric, Small Parts (Small Organ), Transcranial, OB/GYN, Pelvic, Urology, Vascular (including Peripheral Vessel), and Musculoskeletal applications.

Compared to the NX3, the NX2 is lightweight and compact with a similar system architecture. As with the Siemens ACUSON NX series, it integrates the same wide 21.5” LCD monitor, but lacks a touch screen. There’s not limit to what the NX2 can cover in terms of applications, but because it supports fewer transducers and clinical features than its big brother, the NX3, the depth of its exams is limited.

Due to its target market, its grade, and considering its price point and performance, the Siemens ACUSON NX2 supports 7 fundamental transducers, but lacks any advanced transducer options. Additionally, it features two cost-efficient transducers: the C5-2v convex and L10-5v linear probes. All other transducers are compatible with the ACUSON NX3 series.

While the Siemens ACUSON NX2 supports fewer options than the ACUSON NX3 series, it features syngo Auto OB Measurement and 3D/4D for OB/GYN, Clarify Vascular Enhancement (VE) Technology, syngo Arterial Health Package (AHP), and syngo Auto Left Heart (Auto LH) for cardiovascular applications. With the battery-operated “QuickStart” feature, and the barcode reader options added to the mix, the NX2 becomes a very user-friendly ultrasound machine ready to enhance your ultrasound workflow.

  • Showing 1–16 of 72 results

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