Philips ClearVue 550 Ultrasound Review

“Improve Your Image”

Intelligent and intuitive in it’s software, the Philips Clearvue 550 ultrasound machine not only improves image quality, but is simple and easy-to-use, as well as reliable when it comes to increased portability and maneuverability in the shared service industry.

Philips Clearvue 550 Ultrasound Machine

Optimal Performance


The Philips Clearvue 550 ultrasound machine not only appears sleek and sophisticated in its outward design, but this shared service ultrasound system enables its users to help acquire speedy image acquisition, management and customized SmartExam protocols to create a more efficient and streamlined method of workflow and productivity. The versatile Clearvue 550 contains Active Array technology – which offers incredible image quality and precision; integrated with XRES and SonoCT for the most advanced and accurate results, the medical Philips Clearvue 550 ultrasound system‘s imaging technologies produces performance beyond its competitors.

Philips Clearvue 550 Ultrasound Machine – Clinical Images

System Automations


Regarding exam consistency and patients’ result improvement, the Philips Clearvue 550 offers quick, one button optimization for frequently used ultrasound system automations such as: 2D, Color and PW Doppler iScan options, 2D OPT, High Q, Intelligent Doppler, Adaptive Doppler and Adaptive Color Doppler. These options help users improve workflow consistency and accuracy for an immediate and accurate result in this Philips Clearvue ultrasound.

Philips Clearvue 550 “Makes it Simple”



With leading-edge ultrasound technology, the Philips Clearvue 550 ultrasound machine enhances your clinical capabilities across various applications, which include: abdominal, small parts and superficial, pediatric, musculoskeletal, urology, obstetricalgynecologicalvascular, transcranial, cardiac and more.

Philips Clearvue Ultrasound Overview

Options & Sustainability


While the Philips Clearvue 550 ultrasound system already leverages its technology to the benefit of its users, this shared service ultrasound machine offers the options of anatomical M-Mode, panoramic and freehand 3D imaging, SmartExam protocols, DICOM networking option, barcode scanner, tissue harmonic imaging with pulse inversion technology and much more. With these options for the Clearvue 550, one can easily generate M-mode trace from a user-defined line, perform extended field of view imaging and freehand 3D surface rendering for enhanced exam documentation and communication, provide ethernet connection to DICOM networks for PAC viewing and much more.


The Philips Clearvue ultrasound line also offers sustainability for the improvement of eco-friendly, ultrasound technology. The Philips Clearvue 550 is energy-efficient with low power consumption to help save on energy costs. The low heat dissipation is ideal for small, examination areas.

The Philips Clearvue ultrasound line is energy efficient

Overall, the Philips Clearvue 550 ultrasound machine helps one stay on top of the medical industry’s complex and ever-changing environment to suit various patient needs. With dependability and reliability on all types of scanning, the Clearvue 550 ultrasound system is suitably versatile to exceed expectations on your daily and emergency medical demands.


If you’d like to learn more about the Philips Clearvue 550 ultrasound machine, Ultrasound Supply has a comprehensive product page that lists out specifications, features and clinical applications on all Philips ultrasound.


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Philips Clearvue 550 Ultrasound Machine – Compatible Probes


Philips C5-2 Convex Probe


Philips V6-2 3D/4D Convex Probe


Philips C9-4v Endocavitary Probe


Philips L12-4 Linear Active Probe


Philips L12-5 Linear Probe


Philips S4-1 Cardiac Sector Probe


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