GE RRE6-10 Micro-convex Ultrasound Probe

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GE RRE6-10 Micro-convex Ultrasound Probe Description

The GE RRE6-10 is a micro-convex probe for the GE Voluson 730 system. It has a frequency range of 4.0 to 9.0 MHz and is designed to be used for urology and OB/GYN applications. You can find the GE RRE6-10 probe for sale from a variety of companies, but you won’t find the combination of low prices and high quality equipment that we offer at Give us a chance to earn your business and request a GE RRE6-10 probe price quote today using the form below.

We understand that it can be a little unsettling to buy medical equipment online, and that’s exactly why we offer a full satisfaction guarantee with everything we sell. Our strict standards for quality allow us to make that guarantee because we professionally recondition, inspect and test every probe and transducer before we offer it for sale. Contact us right now if you want to get a GE RRE6-10 micro-convex probe at the lowest cost.

GE RRE6-10 Micro-convex Ultrasound Probe Features

  • Micro-convex

GE RRE6-10 Micro-convex Ultrasound Probe Applications

  • Urology
  • OB/GYN

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