Fukuda Denshi Ultrasound Probes For Sale

Fukuda Denshi is one of the oldest names in the ultrasound industry, even though it might still be new to some in North America. The company was founded in Japan in the late 1930s and quickly made a name for itself with a successful line of medical equipment that went on to include ECG machines, patient monitors and ultrasound systems. The company has expanded tremendously over the decades and now Fukuda Denshi USA Inc. has an office in Seattle, which is just one of many international offices for the company. The company produces several ultrasound models, including the Fukuda Denshi FFSonic and Fukuda Denshi UF-760AG. UltrasoundSupply.com can help you find the best price on refurbished Fukuda Denshi ultrasound systems or used Fukuda Denshi ultrasound probes. Contact us right now for more information or pricing details.

Fukuda Denshi

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