Toshiba PowerVision 8000 Ultrasound Equipment

List Price: $3,750 Our Price: $2,500 100% Guarantee, Certified Equipment, FDA Registered

$500/month Rental Options Available!

Toshiba PowerVision 8000 Ultrasound Equipment Description

The Toshiba PowerVision 8000 ultrasound system offers incredible value with a long list of features at a very affordable price. This system has everything you would expect from a more expensive model, such as a 15-inch high resolution monitor and the memory capacity to store information on 250 patients. It also provides Tissue Harmonic Imaging, selectable Doppler frequency and 512 channels of wideband imaging. If you are looking for the lowest price on a quality used PowerVision 8000 ultrasound machine, contact today for a fast price quote with no obligation whatsoever.

The Toshiba PowerVision 8000 is versatile enough to handle a variety of ultrasound applications, from a hospital setting to a medical clinic to a private practice. No matter what kind of business you operate, can deliver a refurbished Toshiba PowerVision 8000 at the best price. Contact us today for a Toshiba PowerVision 8000 price quote.

Toshiba PowerVision 8000 Ultrasound Equipment Features

  • Wideband Imaging
  • 512 channels
  • Electronic Convex, Linear, and Sector Scanning
  • Three Transducer Selection Switch
  • CW connector
  • Transducers Triplex Capable
  • 15-inch High Resolution Color Monitor
  • Touch Command Screen (TCS)
  • Cine Loop
  • B-Mode
  • M-Mode
  • PW and CW Doppler
  • Color Doppler (both B-Mode and M-Mode)
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
  • Selectable Doppler Frequency
  • Directory and Memory for 250 Patients
  • Dimensions – Height 43.3 in., Width 23.6 in., Depth 56.3 in.
  • Weight: 529 pounds

Toshiba PowerVision 8000 Ultrasound Equipment Applications

  • Vascular
  • OB/GYN
  • Cardiac
  • Abdominal

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