Sonoscape SSI-1000 Ultrasound Equipment

List Price: $8,250 Our Price: $5,500 100% Guarantee, Certified Equipment, FDA Registered

$500/month Rental Options Available!

Sonoscape SSI-1000 Ultrasound Equipment Description

Some portable ultrasound machines have the problem of a small monitor that makes it difficult to view the imaging results in detail, but that’s not an issue with the Sonoscape SSI-1000 and its 15-inch high resolution LCD display. That will provide you with the clarity normally reserved for a full size console, and you can find the Sonoscape SSI-1000 for sale at at just a fraction of the price of buying new.

There are thousands of reasons to consider buying a refurbished Sonoscape SSI-1000 from, and those reasons are dollars. We can save you as much as 60% off the new retail cost of Sonoscape ultrasound equipment, and we guarantee your complete and total satisfaction. Just fill out the contact form below to receive a no obligation Sonoscape SSI-1000 ultrasound machine price quote.

Sonoscape SSI-1000 Ultrasound Equipment Features

  • Premium Compound Imaging and Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Portable Ultrasound System
  • Color Doppler
  • CW/PW Doppler
  • Color Flow Mapping
  • Color Doppler Energy Mapping
  • Spectra Doppler Imaging
  • 15-inch High-Resolution LCD Display
  • USB 2.0 Mobile Drive Image Retrieving
  • Efficient Data Management and Networking Communication

Sonoscape SSI-1000 Ultrasound Equipment Applications

  • Portable
  • Pediatrics
  • OB/GYN
  • Neonatal
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Intraoperative
  • Cardiac

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