Chison Ultrasound Equipment For Sale

Chison Medical Imaging Co. has been manufacturing high quality ultrasound systems for nearly 20 years. Offering highly portable, console-based systems that are easy to operate, Chison ultrasounds are a popular choice for both physicians and veterinarians. The company offers several powerful ultrasound machines in a variety of designs, including tablet-styles and traditional portable models. Chison ultrasound systems are known for providing incredible functionality at a price that is highly competitive with similar systems on the market. A popular choice for medical professionals who are looking for the perfect balance of functionality and value, Chison utilizes the latest ultrasound technologies and manufacturing processes for the most accurate results and improved diagnostic capabilities. Currently available in over 120 countries, Chison continues to be an innovator in ultrasound technology, offering a large selection of ultrasound machines for both veterinary practices and medical settings. Among the most popular are the Chison Q5 Vet, a powerful and portable color Doppler ultrasound machine that’s perfect for cats, dogs and horses, and the cutting edge Chison SonoTouch 30, a multi-purpose ultrasound that delivers outstanding results in abdominal, gynecological and cardiac imaging. For more information, please visit


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