Rent an Ultrasound Transducer

Ultrasound Probes for RentDropout. Damage. Failure.

It’s unfortunate, but eventually one of these situations will render your ultrasound transducer inoperable.

That failure often comes with no warning, and when it happens, you’re forced to send away or reschedule patients until your problem is resolved.

And that means lost revenue in addition to the costs in repairing or replacing that ultrasound probe.

But you CAN limit that downtime when purchasing a replacement probe immediately isn’t in your best interest. Whether bureaucracy slows down your purchase, you don’t have the funds available, or you’re sending the probe out for repair… you still can  get your ultrasound program back up and running quickly.

Our exclusive Ultrasound Probe Rental Program provides you with an immediate solution to your troubles. In most cases, we can ship you a replacement rental probe the same day. This translates to limited downtime and almost no interruption in your valuable revenue stream.

And our prices are reasonable, not to mention the rental cost pays for itself in just a few scans.

Here are just some of the benefits to our Ultrasound Transducer Rental program:
Ultrasound Probe Rental UltrasoundSupply

  • No long-term contract
  • Same Day shipping in most cases
  • Many high-quality transducers available
  • Transducers available for nearly every manufacturer
  • No unreasonable down payment

This is also a risk-free way to try a different ultrasound probe on your system, to see if you want to perform additional types of exams on your ultrasound machine.

And if you want to keep the probe, you’ll get a competitive price to purchase it from us.

Call today or submit the form below and get a free price quote on an ultrasound machine rental. Call 866-600-9462 today!

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