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ZEN-2090 PRO

Quality and Value, All in one system

  • 1K x 1K High Resolution CCD Camera
  • 9″ Image Intensifier
  • 2.2kW HFG with Stationary Tube
  • Image Rotating Function
  • Instant Reverse in Vertical and Horizontal
  • Intelligent ABC (Automatic Brightness Control)
  • Lose Dose Mode for Radiation Safety
  • Dose Reduction through Pulsed Fluoroscopy
  • Wide Free Space(750mm) and Orbital Rotation(120°)
  • ZENIS Software
  • User Friendly, Image Database Management, Dicom 3.0

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General Product Information - Disclaimer

All items mentioned below including probes, accessories, options, features and similar properties are solely meant to provide general information about the maximum capability of the product. Some or all features mentioned may not be included in the listed price. Please contact us directly for accurate pricing per each additional feature.



  • Type: High Frequency Inverter, 2.2kW
  • kV range: 40-110kV
  • mA range: 0.2-6.0mA (Continuous)
  • 0.2-6.0mA (Pulsed)
  • 1.0-20.0mA (Snap Shot)
  • Auto Brightness Control (ABC)

X-Ray tube

  • Focal spot size: 0.5/1.5mm
  • Anode heat capacity: 50,000HU, Stationary anode
  • Max kVp: 110

Image Intensifier/CCD Camera

  • Triple Field Size: 9″/6″/4.5″
  • Resolution: 1,004(H)*1,004(V)
  • Frame Rate: ~15 fps


  • Shape: 1 unit Dual Shutter (Iris option)


  • SID: 960mm
  • Depth: 640mm
  • Free Space: 750mm
  • Horizontal movement: 200mm
  • Vertical movement: 400mm
  • Panning motion: 25° (+12.5°, -12.5°)
  • Pivot Rotation: 380° (+190°, -190°)
  • Orbital Rotation: 120° (+30°, -90°)

ZENIS system

  • Image management(Acquisition, Storage)
  • Measurement Annotation / Dicom 3.0
  • Total solution from acquisition to print-out

Monitor: Dual 19” FHD

DAP(Dose Area Product)/AKR Software

2 Pedal Foot Switch

SSD 128GB + 128GB / HDD upgrade to 4TB

Power: 110Vac