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The Mindray DC-40 is a value-range Color-Doppler Ultrasound System which specializes in shared-service applications, especially in Primary OBG Care. The Mindray DC-40 is also designed to cover a wide range of applications including abdominal, pediatric, small organs, neonatal cephalic, adult cephalic, trans-rectal, trans-vaginal, MSK (conventional, superficial), urology, adult cardiac, and peripheral vessel.


The Mindray DC-40 integrates their latest 64-channel Imaging Engine, which provides support for high-performance hardware such as a 17″ LED monitor (Available up to 19″), an angle-adjustable 10.4″ LED touchscreen, 4 active probe ports, 1TB hard disk, a gel warmer, endocavity transducer holder, 5 cost-effective transducers (3C5A, 7L4A, L7-3, V11-3, P4-2), 1 high density and high frequency linear array transducer (L14-6NE), and 1 functional volume transducer. These transducers effectively cover a wide array of clinical requirements, thanks to their low-to-high bandwidth frequency coverage.


The Mindray DC-40 is an entry level ultrasound, so decreasing the ultrasound learning curve is key. iScanHelper is a tutorial software for a novice user to get used to ultrasound scanning. iScanHelper includes anatomical illustrations, standard ultrasound images, scanning reference pictures and tips on scanning skillfully. The Raw Data function, a physician can use the stored image and cine for re-preprocessing such as optimization, measurement, and adding comments.


The Mindray DC-40 has rich functionality at its price point and product positioning. As a fully- functional ultrasound solution, the Mindray DC-40 provides strong GI features: Natural Touch Elastography for stiffness evaluation, iScape for panoramic imaging with power mode, IMT for Auto IMT measurement, and Smart Bladder for auto liquid volume measurement. The Mindray DC-40 is more powerful in features for primary OBG care with conventional 4D, iLive function for an amazing, realistic view of the fetus, iPage for volume data with multiple parallel 2D images, Smart OB for auto measurement of the most frequently used items, dedicated IVF package and Smart NT for auto measure of NT. The Mindray DC-40 is also a practical adult cardiac solution with CW mode, complete TDI modes and TDI quantification.


For a competitive primary OBG care solution, following the OB/GYN options on the Mindray DC-40 are critical. iLive, the same as Samsung’s Realistic Vue and GE’s HDlive, is a virtualized rendering tool to obtain an amazingly realistic view of the fetus; and the angle of the light source can be adjusted freely. The iPage function provides multiple slices of 2D images from a 3D volume image, similar to CT or MR Imaging. The Smart OB is an auto measurement tool that provides the 5 most frequently used measurements of OB such as BPD/HC/FL/AC/OFD. Lastly, Smart NT is another automatic measurement function that measures and displays max NT result by the industry standard method of “in to in.”


The M5 is the first compact system from Mindary released in 2008. It has become one of most recommended compact ultrasound options in small practices thanks to the great cost-effectiveness.  Especailly, iClear(Mindray auto image optimization function) improves the easy of use and helps a navice user to improve his/her diagnostic capability  in shortime. Since its launch, lots of upper grade technologies have migrated.


The Mindray M9 is the top-of-the-line portable ultrasound machine from Mindray and builds on the previous M7 and M5 portables. It is based on Mindary’s new generation platform and single crystal probes which allows for better penetration and higher resolution. The M9 is targeted at the portable high-end cardiac market with full cardiac features, transducers (including TEE), and full measurement packages. It can be used about 90 minutes with the built-in battery and with a trolley mounted battery pack it lasts over 3.5 hours.


The Mindray M8 Elite is a new and upgraded shared service portable ultrasound system from Mindray’s portable M line, using the M9 and M7 as its foundation. The Mindray M8 Elite integrates a 15.6” touchscreen display on a conventional control panel, overall improving the intuitive controls and quality of operations. The Mindray M8 Elite offers users a fully-featured platform with outstanding image quality with single crystal transducers and 3T technology. The M8 Elite is a clinically versatile for the bedside, private offices, and interventional suite. With a large range of transducer selection and fully-featured platform, the Mindray M8 Elite makes a great fit in vascular, women’s imaging, and shared serviced applications.

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