Ultrasound Supply Rental Program

Rent Ultrasounds and C-arms Fast and Affordably!

Is now not the right time to buy an ultrasound machine or C-arm? Do you need the equipment for a limited period? Consider the Ultrasound Supply rental program! Many of the quality refurbished ultrasound equipment you see available from us is also available for rental at affordable rates. Browse our rental inventory to find the ultrasound or C-arm you need. We encourage you to inquire about its availability by contacting us.

Increase your financial flexibility and save cost

Test it in your working environment before you buy

Be equipped with the updated equipment & be competitive.

Use the system as you need.

Get Free maintenance and repair

Enjoy all of these with Ultrasound Supply rental Program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ultrasound Rental

Am I dealing with the right partner for my rental?

Ultrasound Supply, owned by Probo Medical, is one of the world's largest provider of new and refurbished ultrasound and C-arm equipment. With quality products at affordable pricing, our #1 goal is your satisfaction.

What is the minimum required rental period?

Ultrasound Supply prides itself in providing a flexible rental program customized to your requirements. Please contact us for your custom rental program.

What equipment is available?

Just Ask!! We rent everything from small inexpensive portables to the latest, greatest premium ultrasound systems and even C-arms. We have millions invested in our rental inventory, so chances are ... if it's in inventory, it's available for rent.

What about the quality of the system?

All equipment under the Ultrasound Supply Rental Program goes through the same quality inspections and preparations as our high quality refurbished systems. Because your system will be under warranty while it's on rental, we also have a vested interest in making sure your system operates perfectly and to manufacturer's specifications.

What happens if the system has a problem?

The Ultrasound Supply rental program comes with free maintenance and repair of manufacturer defects. This is essentially the same as our warranty program, except you don't have to spend extra money to get this warranty. It's on us!

What are the other costs?

The only cost will be your monthly rental fee for the period you use the system. Zero hidden fees!

What are the benefits of rental vs. purchasing again?

Increase your financial flexibility & save money

  • Only pay for the period you use your system.
  • Eliminate the cost of ownership.
  • No depreciation and you’re able to deduct rental costs as expenses.

No Obligation

  • It is a great way to see if ultrasound meets the need for your practice without making a long-term commitment.
  • Ensure ROI meets your goals before investing in a capital purchase.

Take advantage of having the most up-to-date, advanced ultrasound equipment

  • Renting ultrasound systems allows you to upgrade at any time as your practice expands or needs increase.
  • Expand to create new opportunities and a competitive edge.
  • Provide better quality service to your patients with the most advanced features and technology.

Use the system as you need

  • Avoid long-term commitment, get all the long-term benefits

Get free maintenance and repairs

  • Save thousands of dollars worth of equipment upkeep.