Compare all Alpinion E-Cube Ultrasound Machines

Alpinion is a newer brand founded in Korea by ex-employees of Medison and is quickly growing with a range of High-end to Economy ultrasound machines and excellent transducers.

Alpinion E-Cube Ultasound Machines

Alpinion ultrasound machines use the Ecube name for all its systems except for their new portable known as the Inno. The Alpinion E-cube ultrasound machines all have a similar sleek white and grey look. The E-cube name comes from Alpinion ultrasound’s philosophy of 3 “E’s”. Extreme clarity, Efficient workflow, and Ergonomic design. This is a promise that each Alpinion E-cube ultrasound delivers on quite well. The Top of the line is the Ecube 15, which was launched as the high-end ultrasound along with the E-cube 9, which targets the midrange. Both were launched in 2012. The first E-cube was the Ecube 7 that is their premium economy unit and came out in 2011.

The Diamond version of the Ecube 9 was launched in 2013 to provide High Resolution 4D, while the newest unit is the Ecube 5, an economy ultrasound. All Ecube ultrasounds have the same excellent 19.5” LCD monitor except for the Ecube 5 which economizes by offering a 15.6” widescreen that looks smaller than it actually is. Image quality for each Ecube ultrasound is better than most in it’s class while feature depth is average. Pricing as would be expected for a newer brand is very competitive. Alpinion compares very favorably with larger, more well known brands from China as well as its closest competitor, Samsung. Reliability seems to be on par with Samsung as well. While Alpinion is not yet an innovator it offers a very compelling blend of detailed design, great image quality and excellent pricing.


The most expensive premium machines are at the top and they become less expensive, with fewer features the farther down the list you go. Ultrasounds with a check mark by them are top-rated in our best ultrasound machines buyer’s guide.