How to Turn on and Start a Patient Exam on the GE Logiq P5

Wondering how to set up your GE Logiq P5 ultrasound machine for new patient exams? Check out our step-by-step instructions below:


Power On Your GE Logiq P5

1. To connect your Logiq P5 ultrasound machine to your electrical supply, make sure the wall outlet suits the plug type as seen in the image below:

Example of Logiq P5 Plug and Outlet Type

Note that the USA and Europe plug and outlet configurations differ:

USA: 100-120 VAC, 950VA Plug and Outlet Configuration

Europe: 220-240 VAC, 950VA Plug and Outlet Configuration

2. Make sure your ultrasound machine’s power switch is turned off.

3. Unravel the power cable and ensure there is enough cable length so the plug is not pulled out of the wall if your Logiq P5 is moved.

4. Insert the power plug to the system and secure it in place by using the retaining clamp.

Power Plug and Retaining Plug Pictured Above

CAUTION: Make sure the retainer holds the power plug firmly. Use caution to ensure the power cable does not disconnect during the Logiq P5‘s use – if unplugged by accident, data may be lost.

5. Press the Power On/Off switch to turn the power on. Ensure the circuit breaker is also turned on.

Power Button on the GE Logiq P5

Start a New Patient Exam on Your GE Logiq P5

1. Pressing the Patient Key on the keyboard will display the patient screen on your monitor.

Patient Key on the GE Logiq P5

Selecting New Patient automatically saves all patient data, annotations, measurements, calculations and worksheets of the last exam. Since images are not automatically stored, a warning message will appear asking if you’d like your images to be erased or saved.

Our Certified Sonographer at Ultrasound Supply suggests to “Store All” images if you are not sure of saving. To store report page on your Logiq P5 ultrasound, press the store rotate button on Report.

Note: If the current patient does not exist, selecting Patient View activates the Patient Search screen.

Note: If the current patient exists, selecting Exam View activates the Exam History screen on your GE ultrasound machine.

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