GE Vivid T8 Ultrasound Machine Overview

In a highly impacted industry where several cardiovascular ultrasound machines claim to have the best imaging, workflow functionalities, performance and reliability, investing in a well-trusted cardiovascular ultrasound system may pose a challenge for those unfamiliar on how to choose the right ultrasound.


Thankfully, GE Healthcare has established its reputation in the ultrasound industry through longterm reliability and proven, positive results. One of the best cardiovascular ultrasound machines on the market is the GE Vivid T8, which is known for its excellent cardiovascular performance, outstanding imaging capabilities, and easy-to-use features.

GE Vivid T8 Ultrasound Machine

In the Vivid T8 ultrasound system, GE Healthcare took the established cardiac imaging capabilities of GE Vivid systems and combined them with the shared service performance of the Logiq systems. What does this entitle? The results highlight some of the top-performing features of both systems combined into one value hybrid cardiovascular ultrasound system – rugged, reliable, robust and rich with features, yet still budget and user friendly.


The GE Vivid T8 is marketed at an economy, multipurpose cardiovascular system with premium features. The Vivid T8 holds true to this claim since it is built for cardiovascular or multispeciality outpatient clinics where its used consistently for complete and accurate results. A powerful addition to any practice or hospital, the GE Vivid T8 ultrasound machine’s features include CrossXbeam, speckle reduction, auto image opt (b-mode and doppler), triplex mode, auto IMT and more. As for its applications, it includes but is not limited to abdominal, OB, vascular, transcranial, small parts, MSK, pediatrics, urology, and adult echocardiography.

GE Vivid T8 Ultrasound Machine

As a busy clinical specialist, you need to leverage your time and functionality wisely and efficiently for an optimal ultrasound procedure. The GE Vivid T8‘s “Vivid” software improves cardiac imaging capabilities with advanced quantitative tools. In example, Tissue Velocity Imaging captures 360 data from moving heart tissue to quantify left ventricular function, AutoEF automatically assesses left ventricular ejection fraction using an automatic, speckle-tracking ROI tool, and Strain Rate Imaging helps improve visual and quantitative recognition of dysfunctioning myocardial segments to aid in determining regional systolic function in heart disease.

GE Vivid T8 Clinical Images

GE Vivid T8 – Tissue Velocity Imaging

If customizability was an issue before, the GE Vivid T8 delivers exceptional shared service image quality in accordance to your clinic’s needs. Such services includes LOGIQView, which ups the field of view to image large organs that usually cannot be seen in a single image, Virtual Convex, which enlarges the field of view when using linear transducers, and a wide selection of versatile, shared-service transducer selection.

GE Vivid T8 Cardiac Transducers

In regards to control layout, the GE Vivid T8 ultrasound machine is designed to be simple to operate and transport in several environments. This cardiovascular ultrasound machineincludes an intuitive touchscreen, rotary dials, patient management buttons and all Mode buttons conveniently near the trackball. Thanks to its lightweight design (only 128 pounds), the Vivid T8 is easy to push and roll on tiled or carpeted floors, regardless of medical environment.

GE Vivid T8 Mobility

In short, the GE Vivid T8 ultrasound machine is designed to help enhance the total value of the healthcare professional. This allows medical practitioners to scan with confidence and convenience, leverage Vivid cardiac IQ and functionality, and share services, hassle-free throughout their clinic.


If you’d like to learn more about the GE Vivid T8 cardiovascular ultrasound machine, Ultrasound Supply, owned by Probo Medical, has a comprehensive product page that lists out specifications, features, and clinical applications.


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